Make Money with MoreNiche

Get paid to generate leads and sales. MoreNiche pays you 20% commission from sales and leads that you generate to their products. This may sound intimidating at first, but it will be quite effective if you can create a blog and focus on your own niche. You also get paid from referrals everytime they earn. They have a lot of products that are worth trying, especially if you're looking to earning from the internet.

$15 sign up bonus! Just for signing up, they will pay you $15! They are that confident because if you follow their guide on how to promote their products and earn from referrals, then you will definitely earn from MoreNiche.

Free eBooks and video guides! One of the things I really like about MoreNiche is their free eBooks and guides to earning online. They have several PDF files ready for download totally free, and these books cover different topics from SEO, web marketing, writing effective sales copy, social networking, and maximizing your earnings. I recommend you download their ebooks and read through them.

MoreNiche responds to recession. MoreNiche mentioned that despite the recession in online affiliate schemes, MoreNiche is spending budget on ensuring quality products and experience. That is why affiliates of MoreNiche are in great care. Recession can actually be a very good opportunity if you work hard. For some people, recession means an opportunity for them to buy things cheaper and sell them for a higher price later, so this may also be a good opportunity to avail of affiliate products.

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NoDoFollow Plugin

NoDoFollow is FireFox extension which will help you to identify that a blog has dofollow or nofollow comments easily. NoDoFollow add-on will highlights the links on the page, color coded according to their follow status. To activate NoDoFollow add-on, just click right menu and select “NoDoFollow”. Red highlights for “NoFollow” and blue highlights for “DoFollow”

NoDoFollow Firefox Add-On

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Top Health Affiliate Networks

The health affiliate sites provide many products for you to use to promote and you'll be making good money of it. Some products pay you up to $175 USD per sale. You can create a website that relevant to health care and drive traffic by SEO. The highest commission per sale I've ever had was $75.

SellHealth.com (highly recommeneded $$$$$)

MoreNiche.com (highly recommeneded $$$$$)




Google AdSense PIN

Recently I read on many forums and people said Google mailed them PIN even before they reached $50. I read on Google AdSense blog. Google has just changed the threshold to $10. They send out the PIN to ensure the security and accuracy of your information so you can receive checks from Google AdSense. I bet new Google AdSense publishers can't wait to get their first check.