NoDoFollow Plugin

NoDoFollow is FireFox extension which will help you to identify that a blog has dofollow or nofollow comments easily. NoDoFollow add-on will highlights the links on the page, color coded according to their follow status. To activate NoDoFollow add-on, just click right menu and select “NoDoFollow”. Red highlights for “NoFollow” and blue highlights for “DoFollow”

NoDoFollow Firefox Add-On

Click Here To Download NoFollow Add-On


Remove Blogger Bar said...

Wow, I had not seen this particular extension yet. I'm currently using Search Status for the nofollow/dofollow thing. It shows the nofollow links with a pink background but nothing for dofollow.

Brazilian said...

Yeah sweet! This will be a V. useful tool, thanks!

PS hope your blog is dofollow ;)

jackie said...

strange to promote this plugin (which is a great plugin by the way!) and then to set your own bloag as nofollow :-/

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