5 Reasons To Join Marketing Pond

5 reasons why you should join:


Basically the Marketing Pond is a site that contains your referral IDs for a lot of moneymaking programs which are all free to join. Adbux, Agloco, SlashMySearch, Hits4Pay…etc. It’s a sort of meta program, promoting the Marketing Pond is in fact promoting the whole lot at once. You’ll waist less time in promoting.

marketing Pond


Everyone who has been in MLM knows that the key to success is to know and motivate your downline to make them duplicate what your are doing. Most online programs do not allow you to contact your downlinemembers or make it impossible to do so. Clixsense, Agloco, Adbux to name a few do not give you email details.

That makes it very difficult to contact and motivate your downline. So start promoting your Marketing Pond referral id instead of this of your favorite program from the Marketing Pond, this way you will know your downline, have their emailaddresses and names!

This will allow you to contact them personally. Also there is a possibility to send out a weekly mail to your entire downline with ONE mail and ONE push of a button. (only once a week to avoid spam).


Another advantage is the viral nature of the system. People who sign up under you will join a few programs of their choice but let’s say may join Clixsense.

Well if you would have promoted Clixsense to these people they wouldn’t have signed up in the first place because that program didn’t interest them. But by referring them to the Marketing Pond they have choice and will join the programs they like or the once they already are member of.

Next they realise the advantages I mentioned in point 1 and 2 and they start to promote the Marketing Pond.

People who like Clixsense might sign up under them, but since your direct downline didn’t join Clixsense their new downline will end up in your downline for Clixsense!

It doesn’t take a genius to realize how many downline members you could get from the advertising efforts of someone else. I have 116 downlinemembers spread over my different programs because of that effect alone!


The Marketing Pond Admin is experienced in online marketing and knows most of the scams around + she has a nose for new programs that might be scams. You’ll be wasting less time on scams! You’ll have access to a forum with good advise, not filled with people who only want to get you into other programs.


Every now and again new programs are added, just by joining them, you’ll see that most of your downline will follow your lead and you’ll have straight away a large downline in the newly added program! No need to start from scratch.

1) MarketingPond URL: http://www.marketingpond.com/ref.cgi/185

2) Program list URL: http://www.marketingpond.com/p.cgi/185

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