Marketing Pond

It seems it is not very clear to most people what the Marketing Pond is and how you as an Agloco (Clixsense or Hits4Pay to name a few others) member can benefit from it. Why not just continue to promote your different affiliate ids seperately?

  1. Does it take less effort to promote 10 different urls than it takes to promote 1 url?
  2. Do you know your downline and can you contact them?
  3. Ever received a direct downline member from someone elses promoting efforts?

If the answer to these 3 questions is NO you should consider joining the Marketing Pond. The Marketing Pond will help you to promote some of the programs you already are signed up with, by combining them into one single program.

  1. You get free support and advise, plus access to a forum where you can post your questions.
  2. You get the ability to email your downline so you can motivate & help them.
  3. You get an automated viral downline builder.
  4. You get 2 free splashpages that will help you promote the programs you signed up with.
  5. It actually helps you to crosspromote several programs.
  6. You get it all for FREE.

A picture says more than words so let me show you the viral capabilities with a picture:

The Marketing Pond

As you can see if someone signs up under you like Mr brown but does not sign up with all programs, his downline who signs up with in this case the green program (3) will end up as direct referral in your downline! That’s viral because you could get several (unlimited depth) levels down still direct downline members from the promoting efforts of someone else.

If they sign up with all programs your downline will grow in all programs just as with Mr Blue.

Mrs orange who is using the Marketing Pond only to promote the green program and to contact her green downline members might actually getting downline members you will benefit from. Even people who are already in one of the programs listed in the Marketing Pond could join.

Just think of it every now and again the admin adds a new program like recently Adbux, with your downline already in place you just get an instant downline in that new program, which puts you ahead of all other people who have to start their promotion from scratch!

If you are active in you should sign up!

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