Text Link Ads Brilliant Affiliate Earner

PPP title=I joined Text-Link-Ads to see how it works. I have found that Text-Link-Ads actually makes for a great affiliate program regardless of how their ads perform. You should definitely consider joining them if for no other reason than to get some affiliates to join under you and here’s why TLA affiliate program allows you to get other publishers to join (for free) and immediately pays you $25.00 flat fee for a referral. When 's the last time you earned $25.00 just for getting someone to sign up for something that they get for free? Imagine if you signed up 100 people this month. do you see the potential? Even if you only sign up 5 referrals. You are making a nice chunk of change for doing nothing more than getting people to join a network that offers them the ability to make money by selling ads on their website or blog, and make money by referring others.

In July 2007 John Chow signed up 87 new TLA publishers and made $2,175 USD from Text Ads Link affiliate program.

How can you get paid using Text Link Ads?

If you are a publisher (blogger) TLA will find advertisers that wish to place ads on your site. It’ll take a while until you build up enough traffic, incoming links, etc; but as soon as you get a bite, they’ll let you know. You can choose to auto-accept any advertisers, or you can hand select the advertisers based on what you think might be the most relevant. Be patient though, it takes a while to make your blog big enough to appeal to advertisers.

The second way to make some sweet cash from TLA is to join the affiliate program. I haven’t found a better affiliate program on the market. Here is how it works!

  1. Blogger “A” signs up through my affiliate banner (FOR FREE!).
  2. He/She copies and pastes the TLA code onto their site and waits for advertisers to bid.
  3. I get paid $25 bucks after Blogger “A” has had the code pasted on their site for 7 straight days.
  4. That’s it… Wash, Rinse, Repeat! Blogger “A” Does the same and makes some sweet cash!

Yeah, you read correctly. Blogger “A” didn’t have to buy ANYTHING. All they had to do was sign up for the account, and paste the code onto their page (even buried at the bottom). Just from them doing that… I MAKE A COOL $25! Easy right?

It works the same way all around. You sign up through me and I make $25. Your readers sign up through you and you get $25. YOU NEVER SPEND A DIME!

On top of getting a FREE $25 bucks, keeping the code pasted on your page may gain you some advertising dollars when TLA finds advertisers for your site!

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