Apple expected to launch new iPods

Entertainment giant Apple is expected to announce the launch of the sixth generation of iPod later today.

The company has not revealed the nature of the announcement its chief executive Steve Jobs will make, but analysts are widely predicting that he will unveil a new version of Apple's popular music player at a San Francisco media event.

Some commentators believe that the company will announce the launch of iPod with the ability to buy and download music wirelessly.

It is also rumoured that an anticipated new model of the iPod might, for the first time, include a digital radio component.

One analyst said that the expected new iPod was likely to include technology already used in Apple's new iPhone, which was launched in the US in June.

Speaking on BBC Radio Five Live this morning, Luke Peters from technology magazine T3 speculated about the nature of the announcement Apple would make.

"All rumours suggest it's going to be a sixth generation iPod and it's going to use the same sort of touch screen technology that we've seen in the recent iPhone launch, so you'll be able to navigate everything using your finger rather than some buttons," he said.

Mr Peters added that speculation suggested that Apple was also planning to use new wireless technology to allow consumers to download songs directly from its online music store, iTunes.

Such technology would mean that music lovers could buy tracks from iTunes and put them straight onto their iPod, rather than having to download them onto a computer first, he explained.

Apple's anticipated announcement comes after the company announced the launch of a video download service for UK consumers last month.

Individual episodes of top US TV shows, such as Ugly Betty, are now available for consumers to purchase from iTunes for £1.89 each.

Source : InTheNew

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