DealDotCom is going LIVE tomorrow!

DealDotCom title=Many bloggers recommend people who want to make money online to join DealDotCom so I decided to join this site yesterday.

DealDotCom is a new site that offers products to help people make money online. The site will be going live on September 18, 2007, this Tuesday, and currently is accepting new signups for its referral program. DealDotCom will sell anything and everything related to building an online business, increasing traffic, monetizing your websites, blogging, web design and also allow you to sell products of your own. So why should you sign up?

1) Once you sign up and refer people to the program, you will earn 35% of any of your "first level" referrals for the life of this program. That means FOREVER.

2) There is a "second level" referral system as well and you earn 15% commission on any of their purchases, FOREVER.

It makes sense to jump in early, because you can get ahead of the curve and start referring before the site becomes mega-popular. As always, make sure to read the site over, but it is a very legit site that can potentially make you some great money online, depending how you work it and who you refer.

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