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PPP title= Zlio.com is a website where you can sign up and get your own online store in about 5 minutes. Apparently they have all the tools you need for a store. Your not actually selling your own product, but you setup a store where you are selling other people’s products for a commission. Sort of like a big affiliate marketing setup. The shopping cart that you can setup for yourself is pretty cool. They have all the tools imaginable already built and you don’t need to be a web developer to figure them out.

Earn from your Adsense on your Zlio Shop, Adsense blog suggests that you create your shop first then associate it with your current AdSense account by following these steps.

1. Select a general template for your shop.
2. Create your own shop by choosing among the available products.
3. Once you have selected products, go to My Zlio Shop > Revenue Model > AdSense for my shop.
4. If you aren't an AdSense publisher yet, you can apply for an account through Zlio. If you already have an AdSense account, enter your AdSense e-mail address and your current zip code.
5. Log into AdSense and grant access to Zlio to use your publisher ID by clicking on My Account > Account Access.
6. Go back to your ZlioShop, where you'll be able to view your products and relevant Google Ads.

How you will get paid from Zlio ? All you need is an email address, a paypal account, and a Zlio account and you are ready to make profits with your new online business.
Get your own online store free now!

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