How Much Money Did You Make with Text Link Ads?

I've earned a total of $50 dollars from Text Link Ads affiliate program. I have a plan to run my own websites and sell text links with TLA. Jim Karter is my inspiration to do this. He has made a total of $28,000 with TLA. In October, 2006 when he put TLA ads on the full site. He put them in the last week of the month, so the site made around $275. But then next month, he made $811.93

In December, 2006 He started putting TLA ads on more sites. And, that is when the earnings started going up and up. Now he makes around $3000, plus or minus, with Text Link Ads. Here is a screen shot of his earnings with TLA.

How much money did you make with TLA so far ?
Did you stop selling Text Links because of Big G ?


Sandra said...

I've made $50+ with TLA. It's a nice program, especially for the lazy bloggers ;) They only downside is that they take a 50% cut.

nick said...

Jim is my inspiration, he makes soooo much money (at least compared to me) from sooo many networks. he gets $5000 + from Kontera, $3000 + from TLA, $1000 + from AdBrite, who knows what else he is banking off of, I know he has over 100 referrals from Widgetbucks, which will probably be close to $500...its amazing. Very inspirational.

Saedel said...

I'm still confused with the usage of TLA so I haven't really taken advantage of it.

Anyway, just dropping by to say thank you for commenting on my PPP Post in my blog. I appreciate it. Feel free to comeback anytime.


Anonymous said...

Well, I earned in excess of 300USD on my first month. Probably luck . Either way thanks for commenting on my blog. I am from Publishers Weblog.

Gerri said...

I have not made a singel cent from them. Maybe I'm not doing it right. Any suggestions?