I Got Paid From Widgetbucks!

Widgetbucks processed payments ahead of their payment schedule again. I received a payment of $177.79 USD from them. It is my first payment from Widgetbucks. Starting from 15th January 2008, WidgetBucks is discontinuing the $25 sign-up bonus on new accounts and they are modifying their referral structure for new accounts from 10% to 5%. This only impacts new accounts (Jan. 15 or later) and does NOT impact existing accounts -- which will continue to earn the 10 percent referral fee for the full 12 months after the new member joins.


luis said...

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Matthew Kinner said...


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Tonie9005 said...


I am also on blogger.com, can u help me with something? On the right of your blog, you have "Recommended Sites" and underneath that, you're able to click other sites. Well, I am not asking about how u go to a different site, I want to know how you make another blog that you can direct a person to your other blog, where it says "Recommended Sites" For example, the one that says "Yuwie" where you write about Yuwie, not the one that says "Yuwie Blog". Thanks.


Tonie9005 said...

I hope that wasn't confusing.

Tonie9005 said...

ooops, hold on, I meant where it says "Categories" :)