Do You Yuwie?

Yuwie is a brand new social network community, like another social network like myspace or friendster, but Yuwie has big different, because Yuwie pays for your action. You can find new friends, write blogs, join and create new clubs and refer new people to join and get paid!

Yuwie is completely legal. Pyramid schemes involve users paying a fee to join, and that fee gets divided up and paid to the users above them. Yuwie is free to join. It costs nothing, so there is no way it can be considered illegal, or a pyramid scheme.

Yuwie.com is more or less similar to Myspace, but in addition to creating web pages easily and adding contacts, you also get paid for every page you visit, as well as the pages of yours that anyone visits.

It also pays money for anyone you refer, too, down 10 levels, so in the next year or so, I can see it paying $100-$500 per month to those that join now.

Not bad for something that is completely FREE and easy to use!

Get a free account here. Its as simple as that!

Yuwie is about to release the View bar so now is the time to get started early before everyone you know joins by hearing about Yuwie through the media outlets. This time will come soon (just as it did with YouTube). Don’t wait till it is too late. Tell your circle of influence about YUWIE today! It’s your turn to BE FIRST!

Join Yuwie , Click The banner:

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