AGLOCO Update Email

I received e-mail from AGLOCO today. They didn't mention about when they will pay members though. Here is the update from AGLOCO.

We continue to be pleased with Member activation of the AGLOCO Viewbar. To download your Viewbar click here.


We are excited that we have signed one of our major revenue partnerships for North America last week. We will be making the formal announcement later. Getting a major company to work with their own internal system to start to take advantage of the Viewbar's capabilities is very exciting to us. It will take our partner's tech team 3 to 5 weeks to complete their work, so you should see changes occurring after that time. We are still looking for meaningful partners in Europe and Asia. If any of you works in an ad network company, please contact us at partners@AGLOCO.com to see if we can work on a partnership. Tech Update The tech team reported that our move to new servers was completed last week. Early reports are faster downloading for most locations. Also, all Member accounts have been updated for total hours accumulated.


We have received a lot of positive emails about Mike Klingler's interview with Brian Greenwald. In it, Brian talked about the AGLOCO Vision and he answered some questions about the company's current progress and trajectory. Mike and other Members have worked to make this available to all Members at: Click here to listen to the interview. Click here for written transcript.
Member distributions
If you missed the AGLOCO blog post on this, you can read it at Member distributions.

Thanks for all of your efforts for AGLOCO.

Danny Jorgensen
Member Coordinator

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