Flixya Launches Google AdSense Powered Social Network


FLIXYA.com (A Social Networking Platform that Pays Members 100% Ad Revenue) launches social media networking site that gives all the money to its online community to promote member ownership.

Built with the Google AdSense API, Flixya displays Google contextual ads which are integrated around member-submitted content and provide an improved end user experience. By offering similar elements of popular social networking sites and combining a monetization method for content producers in one solution, Flixya.com enables any individual who qualifies for Google AdSense a rapid and powerful method to publish and monetize their online content and keep all the revenue.

As per Flixya’s website

Flixya is the place to:

  • Earn 100% ad revenue
  • Network and make friends
  • Share or upload videos
  • Organize a photo gallery
  • Upload images for free image hosting
  • Create and write a blog and more

Founded in July 2006 by co-founders Ivan Wong, USC graduate student and Adam Oliver, former director of Stubhub, Inc., Flixya, is a social networking platform where members keep all revenue generated through Google AdSense for sharing videos, photos, and blogs. Flixya is a privately owned company based in San Francisco with a satellite office in Los Angeles.

Source : Socialblog.com


MK said...

There is one more site www.flicksharing.com ,shares adsense revenue with users

GettyCash said...

Yeah I have seen that program.

I'm about to join. I will post more about programs that we can make money.

MK said...