August 2007 Revenue Report

August Revenue for GettyCash blog is $ 25 USD

I got paid from Text Link Ads Affiliate program. It's good start for my first blog which dedicated to making money online. I have 10 people singned up with me on PayPerPost if all my referrals got approved I'll get paid $150 USD ( I do hope they all will be approved)

Here is my payment proof from Text Link Ads

I want to say thank you to my referral who joined TLA under me. Thank you so much.

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Travis Roberts said...

Hey, you gotta start somewhere, that beats my $2.45 last month!

Bejing 2008 Olympic Games said...
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Bejing 2008 Olympic Games said...

I can not apply for Text Link Ads
Because mysite:http://www.china-club.net flow is small~~~