Money4Banners Payday!

Today I received payment from Money4Banners. They pay the beginning of the second week and again at the beginning of the 4th week. Here is payment proof.

Money4Banners pay you £10.00 for signing up and then £5.00 every month (Amazon voucher or cash via PayPal) for as long as you keep three of their 468x60 banner ads on your site. As you can see, they're not very intrusive. Money4Banner provide the HTML code for you to place on your site and that's it, job done.

Whether your site is large or small, with a high or low traffic count, you'll continue to receive £5.00 for as long as you retain the ads. What could be simpler? So you should join now, and you'll receive £10.00 after a successful signup!

Here is the example of their banner ads.


Michelle said...

Hi, May I know what kind of banner? Like what kind of product/company we are going to advertise for them. Do you have sample of their banner in your blog?

Michelle said...

hey..thanks GIRL! haha. :P

GettyCash said...

You're always welcome ;)

Michelle said...

hohoho, my blog got rejected by them coz i only have one page and no subdirectory. :(

tips: how did u submit yours?

Sam said...

Matched.co.uk, a site that matches advertisers with publishers, launched in August and is a great way for advertisers to get their name out there and for publishers to make money through placing ads on their sites.

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We want to ensure that we ‘match’ you with the correct advert so don’t worry if you are not allocated an ad instantly once signed up.

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Matched.co.uk welcomes any feedback that you might have on the site