AGLOCO Announced Member Distributions

After AGLOCO announced the member distributions. Many people were disappointed and decided to leave AGLOGO. Let's see if AGLOCO will shut down its business or it will survive.


Teddy Wong said...

I also feel disappointed about the Member Distributions but I will not give up because there are some referrals under me. However, I may give up once all of them leave the program !

BillyWarhol said...

I hadn't heard about this but then again Agloco are so Stupid about Keeping in Touch with their Supporters! They are the Worst! I signed up over 28 Direct Referrals & was in the Top 7% on Agloco + I was just getting Started! Then all the Delays + Not being able to Contact MY DOWNLINE!! I'm sure Valerie + John Chow will walk away or Sail away on their Yachts Smelling like Roses but what about us Little Guys!! ;))