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If you're not already making money with LinkWords, now is the right time to set it up and make more money!

LinkWords are pay-per-click ads (PPC), you earn 70% of each click. LinkWords will help you expand your earnings from monetizing your blogs/sites. It’s very easy to implement and if you look in your account under My Products > LinkWords, follow the settings and it will walk you through setting it up

What do get from being LinkWorth LinkWords partner ?
  • On-demand advertisement initiation. Unobtrusive pop-up ads embedded in underlined keywords.
  • The highest pay-per-click payouts possible.Earn 70% of the revenue for each click.
  • Targeted advertising.LinkWorth’s LinkWords system matches advertiser ads to keywords found on your page, making the advertising highly targeted and keeping unwanted ads from appearing on your page.
  • A variety of payout options including check, PayPal, direct deposit and Wire.
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1 comment:

Meg Meyer said...

Hey Getty,

Thanks for visiting Center of Muse!

You mentioned having trouble with LinkWords. Let me see if I can help.

First of all, I noticed that you have Kontera ContentLink already running text ads. I'm not sure, but this might be your conflict.

Secondly, take a look at where you put the LinkWords Code. (Just in case you're asking "what code?" I'll break it down, skip this part if you don't need it.)

You've been accepted to LinkWorth. Now, with so many options, you have to tell LinkWorth what you want. Click on the "my products" tab. Then select the product you want on your site. In this case, "LinkWords."

Select your website from the list, get the code. Put the larger JavaScript code in your footer, just below the /body tag. Then, you put the div tags around the words you want to monetize. (I'm experimenting with a full post but it may work better to put the code into the template, so that all your text is between the div tags.)

This is important - Make sure your div and /div tags are NOT right next to each other. If they're next to each other, LinkWorth can read no text to monetize. Makes sense, right?

Did any of these suggestions fix your problem? Or do we need to keep working? Do me a favor... answer on my blog, k? I get immediate notices of comments. Writing, Business Coaching, Motivation.


Meg Meyer

P.S. Thanks for unintentionally reminding me to do something about my old -abandoned Blogger blogs!