Get Paid To Blog With Smorty

There are quite a few get paid to review sites out there and Smorty is one among of them. Bloggers need to register and get their blog approved before taking reviews. The reviews are available to you based on the quality and other criteria satisfied by your blog.

You earn a minimum of $6 and a maximum depending on the blog’s Smorty score and your blog PR. You can add any number of blogs to your account. Every review you make, after being submitted to Smorty is then referred to the advertisers who have 5 days to review the pots. If the post is found satisfactory then you would get paid for blogging on the first payment day of the week. That’s right, Smorty pays out every week and I am sure this is one reason everyone should try it out.

Also, advertisers can use Smorty as a platform for blog advertising and promoting their products in a big way. Since Smorty’s acceptance criteria for blogs is very good and so advertisers can be assured that they would get only the best of blogs to review their service. And you can always disapprove of the post if you feel it is not upto the standards set.

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