Make Money with The NewsRoom

The NewsRoom (TNR) is one such site that offers a wide variety of content rich videos and articles that you can freely add to your blog and earn many on a CPM basis.

TNR pays you for every “Mash” your video or article receives. You can imagine the possibilities if you are the first blog to get your hands on a “breaking” story. Although you won’t get rich from TNR you can definitely use their content to make a few extra bucks online.

Each time you mash video or video feeds to your site and it is played by your viewers, you’ll earn a guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand). Additionally, you will get paid each time you mash text or an image and it is rendered or drawn by your viewers. As a registered participant of TheNewsRoom, we track your success. Each time you login, be sure to click on myRevenue to chart your earnings!

See our CPM payout structure below. All the following info was taken from The NewsRoom’s site.

CPM On Your Site

CPM On Referred Site

Video Feed



Video Story



Text Story






If you want to be paid when free, licensed news from TheNewsRoom is viewed on your site, simply register with your payment information — and start mashing!

As you can see, it’s pretty simple to add some revenue to your blog while also adding quality content.


Gerri said...

Have you had any feedback from anyone about TNR or heard what people have to say about it? From the little that I have seen, people seem to have mixed results about how it is working out for them. Some people are making a good amount of money others are not.....??

Dating Secrets said...

I just implemented TNR in http://entweekly.com and in http://dichanel.com
Will let you know in a couple of days how it's working...

Anonymous said...

nice way to earn$. perhaps you can zligg it? head over to zligg.com and zligg this post. then you can get traffic coming in...

Ca$h said...

The NewsRoom has disabled all the autoplaying newsfeeds with multiple players on the same page and most probably feed will not autoplay without geting special permission from TNR