WidgetBucks Shows You Bucks

WidgetBucks just added new tab "My Bucks," a new tab within a publisher's account that displays a monthly view of:

  • Total account balance
  • PPC earnings for previous and current months
  • Referral fees for previous and current months
  • $25 sign-up bonus
  • Payment history
My Bucks also indicates when earnings and referral fees post to your account (first week of subsequent month) along with payment timing (roughly 45 days following the month your account balance reaches $50). Note that while My Bucks reflects referral fees, My Widgets will continue to show your total number of referrals.

Your My Widgets page now also reflects total real-time earnings (both final and pending) of all your active widgets. And starting next week on that page, we're adding the ability to view deleted widgets (and their related earnings) through an aptly-named “Show/Hide Deleted Widgets” toggle button.


Windyridge said...

How is working out. Worth trying it?

nick said...

MAN, I am itching to see if they pay or not. I think they will. I hope they drop the wait period from 45 days to maybe 30 or 15.

GettyCash said...

I believe they will pay. mpire.com seems to be legit. It would be very good if they shorten payout period from 45 days to 30 days.