October 2007 Revenue Report

Last month I didn't reach my goal ($200) Hopefully in this month I'll make more money for my Chrismast prezzie. razz Hope you all have earned nice amount in October.

Money4Banners : $79.40

WidgetBucks : $53.62

Total = $133.02


nick said...

I see that you have a payperpost banner on the left, I hope they are as profitable for you as they have been for me. i was able to make almost $240 with them last month, and I only blogged from the 18-31 on paid posts, now that im starting on the 1st, I plan on doubling that amount.

Once my widgetbucks revenue is audited I will post an earnings report as well.

GettyCash said...

Hi Nick,

I've just submitted my blog to PayPerPost few days ago. I can't wait to start make money off PPP.

Dave said...

Best of luck to you. I hope you pass that $200 per month goal and move to the $2000 per month goal. Just keep working and don't give up and you'llbe there sooner than you think.