Get Paid To Blog With PayU2Blog

Recently I joined PayU2Blog.com and I am waiting for them to approve my blog. They pay you to write an entry in your blog.

What is required to join ?
1. You must have a blog
2. Your post must have at least 60 words.
3. They don't want negative posting.
4. You must have a Paypal account.
5. You can submit many blogs as you want.

How to get paid from PayU2Blog?
1. You'll get paid when your assignments are approved.
2. You'll receive $5 for each post.
3. They pay every two weeks via Paypal

If you are looking for more opportunities to make money from blogging, you should join PayU2Blog. razz

1 comment:

Gerri said...

I have tried to sign up to them a few times but have not heard back from them. Any idea why?