September 2007 Revenue Report

GettyCash blog is 2 months old. The blog revenue is getting better and better.
Here are the sites which we received payments in September.

Text-Link-Ads : $25

Money4Banners : £10 ($19.57)

Total : $44.57

Thank you for visiting GettyCash blog!


MySpace said...

I respond to your comments :) Thanks for visiting.

GettyCash said...

Thank you :)

ashotiwoth said...

u just started out - give it a while :)

Adil said...

thanks for ur comment. Hope u will make good sum of money from ur blog. Keep visiting my blog and thanks for the support.

thegameterrorist said...

Hi GettyCash,

I read that you are using DealDotCom. I think you might like my DealDotCom widget. It displays the current deal automatically each day and can be easily integrated into blogspot. Go give it a try at:


MeMyself said...

Really liked your blog!
Doing well man!!! For which country permit you are working for? ;)

GettyCash said...

@ thegameterrorist

I will visit your blog for DDC widget.

@ memyself

Thank you so much. Curently I'm not working .