WidgetBucks Payouts Coming In Next Week

I got a great news form Widgetbucks. Their first payment schedule is December 15th,2007, but they are going to pay October earnings in early next week. Payments via PayPal likely to arrive on Monday, and checks will be sent over the course of the week depending on country and postage requirements. Please make sure that your "MySetting" have information 100% accurate and complete, this will help get your payment smoothly.

They also offering CPM Ads for international traffic in early December.
WidgetBucks will be serving CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) ads within its widgets so publishers can monetize their international traffic. This solution helps publishers with blended traffic from both U.S./Canada and international geographies, and addresses the concern expressed over our recent policy change to not pay on international clicks. Earnings from this update -- which takes place in early December -- will be reflected on publishers' MyWidgets reporting page in a new column to be titled "CPM Revenue."

At the time a user visits a page containing the widget, we will sense the geographic location of the visitor. If they are in the U.S. and/or Canada, the user will see the normal WidgetBucks widget. If the user is outside those two countries, then our system will determine a country- specific CPM ad to display. We are currently working with advertisers covering 100
countries and offering thousands of creatives to ensure that site visitors will be monetized for your benefit. All ads are restricted against adult or other suggestive themes.

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