November 2007 Revenue Report

Woohoo time flies! It's December now. New year is coming. I've earned nice amount in November which it is better than the previous months. I bet many people are going to spend money getting nice presents for the ones they love. I already bought myself a present. I got the red Wordpress t-shirt. I love it!

TextLinkAds : $25

Widgetbucks : $125*

Cash Prize : $10

Total : $160


Anonymous said...

well this what i got last month
TLA = $8
Widgetbusck = $42 (not qualify to get paid, i think i should wait till next month to get paid)

Gerri said...

You have made a fair amount of cash through Widgetbucks. How did you pull that off? I guess you are happy with them. I have been to a few blogs where people don’t seem to be happy with their service anymore.

advertisingnetworks said...

Good Going Getty Cash.

GettyCash said...

Thank you everyone :D